Specialised language solutions worldwide

Subject-specific translation, editing, interpreting services, and training in conference interpreting.




Training in conference interpreting


We are native translators and specialist proofreaders.

Native translators and proofreaders avoid the traces of the ‘unfamiliar’ wording typically found in a translation. We adopt the use of language that best communicates the core messages, thus guaranteeing that content reads fluidly and naturally.

We translate, proofread and edit:

  • Human Rights Reports- Policy briefings
  • Executive summaries
  • Film / TV scripts
  • Synopses
  • Literary Blogs
  • Webpages
  • Proposals
  • Academic papers- Specialist publications
  • Articles
  • Brochures
  • Museum informative panels
  • Art gallery labels
  • Project descriptions
  • PhD/Masters dissertations

We specialise in language services for the following areas:

Human Rights


Food and Agriculture





Contact Katie for more information about translation and proofreading.


Simultaneous, consecutive and liaison interpreting.

Our fully qualified conference interpreters have developed expert knowledge in the specific fields of development, food and agriculture, human rights and ecology, among other fields, following 15 years of working with NGOs and transnational advocacy networks.

Contact Katie for more information about interpreting services.

Our languages

Spanish <> English 100%
French <> English 100%
German <> English 100%
Italian <> English 100%
Portuguese <> English 100%
French <> Spanish 100%

Training in Conference Interpreting

Feedback on consecutive and simultaneous interpreting online.

Conference interpreter and trainer, Katie Whiddon, offers virtual feedback via online training platforms. Her language combination is French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish into English and English into Spanish

Contact Katie for more information about online training of conference interpreters.


Experienced English editors who are familiar with your terminology and context.

Copy-editing involves proofreading, correcting, re-writing or re-organising content and any other modification that may be deemed necessary in order to produce a correct, consistent and accurate document, webpage, magazine or academic paper. When copy-editing, Katie applies her creative skills and a thorough methodology to your written work.

Contact Katie for more information about copy-editing.