We are a specialised translation services provider connecting language and research for a better world

Highly qualified and professional translators, interpreters, and editors contributing to a more sustainable and just world.

We are professional translators, interpreters, editors, and copy-editors with years of specific subject knowledge in human rights, food and agriculture, ecology, development, art and culture, and film and media. Our languages are French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and English.

Colibri Connect offers high-quality specialised language solutions to a wide range of clients including:

Human Rights Networks Art Galleries and Artists
Non-Governmental Organisations Museums
Civil Society Organisations Universities, Colleges and Schools
Environmental Groups Film Production and Distribution Companies
Food and Agriculture Organisations Media Companies
Development Organisations Specialist Magazines
Charities Television Channels
Cultural Organisations Communication Departments

“Globish” is gaining ground but that is no excuse for not reaching out to native speakers who are here to help. Getting your ideas across effectively in another language requires previous knowledge of the subject matter and in-depth research of terminology and context. Misinterpreted words or expressions taken out of context can lead to serious misunderstandings or can lead to disengagement of the target audienceThat’s why Colibri Connect’s language experts ensure that each and every job has been fully adapted to the client’s needs and their target audience, be it during an interpretation assignment or whilst translating or editing a text. We understand the underlying diversity in the methods of constructing, organising and conveying knowledge in our fields of specialisation.

If you are seeking a high-quality translation, a subject-specific editor,a copy-editor, or any other specialised language solution, Colibri Connect can help.
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You can also follow how we seek to contribute to a more sustainable and just world, and support struggles for language justice, ecology and the right to food.

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We specialise in language services for the following areas:

  • Human Rights
  • Food and agriculture
  • Development

  • Ecology

  • Art and Culture
  • Film and Media

Our languages are:

Spanish <> English 100%
Portuguese <> English 100%
Italian <> English 100%
German <> English 100%
French <> English 100%
French <> Spanish 100%


Expert knowledge adds value to a translated or edited text.

We are specialised translators, proofreaders, editors, interpreters and trainers.

We offer you a wide range of high quality language services to help you and your organisation bridge the gap between varying linguistic and cultural differences. On every assignment, our native translators and proofreaders avoid the traces of the ‘unfamiliar’ wording typically found in a translation. As specialists in our fields, we can also ensure that the copy corresponds to regional cultural norms, style, flow and diction.


Translator and proofreader

Jo is a translator and proofreader. She specialises in art, culture, film, media and literature.


Founder of Colibri Connect

Conference interpreter, editor, translator, PhD researcher and trainer, Katie specialises in food and agriculture, human rights, culture, film, media and literature.



Kelly gives all the final touches! She is our in-house editor and community manager. Kelly is also a creative copywriter.

In addition to our small team, Colibri Connect counts on a network of hand picked professional linguists, editors and trainers, who are native speakers and specialists in their field. Our translators, interpreters, copy-editors and editors are not only linguistically skilled and accredited, but also culturally aware.


 Food and Agriculture

 Human Rights

  Culture and Education

  Film and Media