Specialised translations and subject-specific editing worldwide

From our office in Malaga, Colibri Connect caters for companies and individuals from around the world! Jo, Katie, Kelly and Lucie are available to translate your text into English, to proofread and edit your English documents, to teach you English via Skype and to call on our international team of freelance colleagues for every other language solution!


La Noria de Málaga

We translate for the emerging artistic hotspot of Europe.

Colibri Connect’s admin office is in Malaga, Spain. Over the last few years, Malaga has seen the opening of several new museums, including:

  • The Thyssen Museum
  • The Pompidou Pop-Up Museum
  • The Russian Art Museum.

Art galleries are mushrooming along the coast. Malaga – which has its own film festival – is also home to Antonio Banderas’ film production company.

Colibri Connect caters the specialised translation needs of:

  • museums and art galleries and cultural centres.
  • film and TV production companies and independent film makers.
  • Spanish TV channels
  • universities

Our team follows the latest cultural and artistic trends in the city of Malaga!

Ryton Gardens

Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience

We are based near London, the melting pot of myriad cultures.

Katie focuses on global food governance through her academic work at the Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience, a short train ride away at Ryton Organic Gardens. It is a great privilege to be working with a wonderful team of researchers on food sovereignty at the premises of the UK Organic Association, surrounded by flowers, plants and vegetable patches, where there is even a plot for Community Supported Agriculture.

Colibri Connect caters for the specialised translation needs of:

  • postgraduate students
  • academics
  • activists
  • blog writers
  • researchers
  • artists and filmmakers

Our team also follows the latest news in food and agriculture and art and culture.


UN Flag against the Roman Colosseo

We translate, edit and interpret for food organisations.

Rome is home to the headquarters of all United Nations agencies working on food and agricultural issues: the FAO, IFAD and WFP. Colibri Connect’s founder, Katie, works as an interpreter and translator for the Civil Society Mechanism for the Committee on World Food Security (CSM for CFS) in Rome. She also undertakes research for her PhD on food governance and food sovereignty at the CFS (FAO).

Colibri Connect caters for the specialised translation and interpretation needs of:

  • NGOs
  • civil society organisations
  • international development organisations
  • global right to food and nutrition information networks
  • transnational agrarian movements
  • fisher folk and pastoralist associations and knowledge hubs

A grasp of different registers in communication and a specialisation in specific areas are key to effective cross-cultural communication!